‘Flower Power’ Sussex Area Diamond Anniversary Celebrations

Visitors flocked to Sussex Area of NAFAS Diamond Anniversary celebrations this weekend to see the floral extravaganza ‘Flower Power’ at the Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens.   Comments include ‘Stunning’, ‘Absolutely Beautiful’, ‘Fabulous Designs’, ‘Such Original Displays’ amongst many other compliments.

Photographs of the arrangements can be seen here, courtesy of John Evans, Pauline Pearce and members of Sussex Area.

Design 1: World Wide Web (1989)

Invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  A decade that saw a total change in communication.  The inspiration for this design begins with the never-ending criss-cross of lines of communication.

Designed by Ninfield Flower Group and Little Common Village Flower Club

Design 2: Fetch

A design inspired by the clipped yew spheres and the statue of a hound found on this lawn.  We hope we have created what we like to call the “ball pit for the mind”

Designed by Jean Hoadley, West Chiltington Flower Club and Cally Meer, Worthing Flower Club and with spheres made by members of many of The Sussex Area of NAFAS Flower Clubs

Design 3: A Puzzle by Rubik (1980s)

One of the must-have gadgets of the early eighties.  Included are the various styles of flower arranging popular in the decades gone by.

Designed by Worthing Flower Club

Design 4: A Board to Notice

Welcome to our garden party. Open your mind to something a little bit different!

Floral designs by Lyn Constable and Sandra Dean, Felpham Flower Club. Artwork designed by Sue Seath, East Preston Floral Club

Design 5: T 4 2

You cannot have an afternoon tea without all the ingredients!

Designed by Gaenor Circus, Warnham Evening Flower Club and New Vision

Design 6: It’s a Corker (2018)

Leonardslee has planted the first Pinotage vineyard in the UK.  We think it’s a corking idea!

Designed by Jilly Griffin, Warnham Evening Flower Club and New Visions

Design 7: Past Masters

The inspiration for this design came from the house and its empty window reveal.  We daringly asked if we could block up another window to match.

Designed by Patcham Flower Club and Storrington Flower Club,

Design 8: Green Piece

Using the designer’s favourite colour green, and a love of being creative.  I think you will agree it’s also a piece of art.

Designed by Wendy Parsons, Lewes Flower Club

Design 9: Hug a Tree (1974)

In an act of resistance in the Himalayan area of Uttar Pradesh,  a group of women surrounded local trees to save them from being cut down.

Designed by Ann Kennedy, New Visions

Design 10: Brave and Beyond (2020 to date)

Between us and Covid 19 stood an army of front-line workers.  We acknowledge and remember their sacrifice and bravery.

Designed by Stephen McDonnell, Peacehaven & Telscombe Flower Club

Design 11: Beyond Imagination

An installation of plant material from another world.  Sculpture, floral design and something very special mesh together to create a piece of modern art.  No need to travel to Tate Modern!

Designed by Christina Curtis, Warnham Evening Flower Club and Graham Hobbs

Design 12: For a Friend (Kath Lester)

A design in remembrance of Kath Lester who was part of our committee.  Losing her to Covid 19 in 2020 was a shock to us all.  Her friend, Julie, asked if she could recreate a smaller version of a design they both marvelled at on a trip to Belgium.  We hope you admire this design as much as they did.

Designed by Julie Taylor and Sheila Cheal, East Preston Floral Club

Design 13: Down Hill Dash

With the new-found love of bicycles, we thought we would join in.

Designed by Steyning Flower Club

Design 14: Spin Me Round (1983)

Inspired by the mega hit song of the 1980s, “You Spin me Round”  by Dead or Alive.  Round and round they go!

Designed by Claire Bryant, Warnham Evening Flower Club

Design 15: Great Garrick

This tree stump inspired us to do something with it.  Modern yet quirky, we thought.

Designed by Wadhurst & District Flower Club and New Visions

Design 16: Hoola the Hoop (1960s)

Brings a smile to the face!  Such a fun object had to be included in our trip through the decades.

Designed by Margaret McSheehy, Lewes Flower Club

Design 17: Leaf Knot  (1970s)

In homage to Macramé.  Plant manipulation and tireless attention to detail create a modern twist on the 1970s must have.

Designed by Linda Porrett, East Preston Floral Club and New Visions

Design 18: Psychedelia (1960s)

If you remember the 60s, you really weren’t there!  What were they thinking of, we hear you say.   Love and Peace xxx

Designed by East Preston Floral Club and Lancing Flower Cl

Design 19: Kaleidoscope

The initiative we all take to sustain beauty in our lives and land in the right place.  Over 5,000 flowers have been knitted and crocheted by members of The Sussex Area of NAFAS, an idea that sprung up to keep our members in touch and involved over the past eighteen months.

Designed by Barbara Hoy and Paula Richardson,  Lindfield Flower Clu

Design 20: Cloudbusting (1985)

Inspired by a song by the unique singer, Kate Bush.  A small feat of engineering to install, but worth the effort!

Designed by Sue Flight, Cuckfield Evening Flower Club and New Visions

Design 21: Ladies of the Lake

The lake surface is their dance floor.  As they glide, they only appear to those who believe in the beauty of restrained elegance.

Designed by Crowborough Flower Club and Horam & Heathfield Flower Club

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