Sussex Area Winter Virtual Show

The Spirit of Winter virtual show

A huge thank you to everyone who entered this virtual show.

We had almost 50 entries, with the most entries in Classes 1, Welcome and class 4, Over to you, but also a lot of you went on the Winter Walk, and a few amazing designs from members who brought out the bling. It seems though that, at heart, we are loving our natural plant material.

All the photographs can be seen in the Gallery at         To see the designer, please ‘hover’ your mouse over each design, the name and club of the designer will then be shown.  In addition, if you click on any photograph, the designer’s name is also visible.

I hope you will continue to support our virtual shows this Spring and maybe beyond this, and my wish is that we can all get together again soon.  For now I send my best wishes to you for a much better 2021.

Linda Porrett
JDS&E Judges Representative

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