Members’ Day

Sussex Area Members’ day in June was our second attempt via Zoom at providing a members’ day worth staying indoors for. It was an excellent day.
In the morning, our National Chairman Mrs Katherine Kear gave her talk entitled ‘ Tales from an Elizabethan Still Room‘ It was such an interesting subject bought to life by Katherine being in costume from the period. She did so well in the incredible heatwave we were experiencing at the time.
     Katherine had also placed lots of interesting items and plants, bottles and other curios on her dresser, such as a woman would have had at that time. In her clear and animated voice she took us on a journey way back and made us feel as though we could really imagine life during that era. It was certainly an entertaining and fascinating talk, most professionally delivered. What a tremendous start to our day!
In the afternoon we welcomed Cherie Nummy to our meeting. Cherie is preparing once again to take her National Demonstrators test which had been cancelled during the first lockdown.
We were lucky enough to get to see her demonstration that she has planned for her test which was called ‘One for the money’.
Cherie had lots of wonderful designs and talked eloquently about each one which was probably helped by the fact she has recently
passed her National speakers test. We wish Cherie every success when taking her National demonstrators test later this year.

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