Flower Arranging and Design Sussex – January 2024


How else could this newsletter be introduced?  Secondly though (and more significantly) Sussex Area sends its very best Birthday Wishes to José Allen,  who recently celebrated her 100th Birthday.   As members will know, she is our own Life Vice-President and has held many other significant offices in both Sussex and NAFAS itself, incuding National Chairman.

As the days begin to lengthen, plans are being made for the coming year.   A list of the Area meetings are published on page 5 and details of many club programmes can be found in the Flower Clubs’  section of the Area website (please keep sending them in)  – some even listing their Christmas 2024 demonstrations!

Sussex Area of NAFAS Newsletter January 2024

Included too, is a new section called ‘Spotlight on’ flower clubs.  Please contact Editor Duncan Ward (info@boxworthflowers.com) on what is required: number of words, photos etc.

Once again, there is plenty to read.  Happy New Year!


Visit your local flower club

If you love flowers and are interested in flower arranging, why not visit your local flower club? Just come and meet new people, enjoy yourselves and learn a bit about flower arranging; visitors are always warmly welcomed. Details of all the clubs may be found on the 'Flower Clubs' page.

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