National Flower Arranging Day 2019

was celebrated throughout the county, by a number of flower clubs

Eastbourne Flower Club was invited teach/encourage East Dean Church flower ladies to do better

pedestals in Church, by chance on Friday 3rd May - National Flower Arranging day.  They took the

chance to show them how to do a pedestal by the Altar and an arrangement by the Pulpit for their

flower allowance.  Chairman Vanessa Jeffries took the opportunity to plug NAFAS and of course their

nearest Club, suggesting that the best way to improve was to join a Flower Club.  This table

arrangement as a small gift for all the people that has turned up to watch (about 20 as it had been

in the Parish Magazine). Vanessa used the NAFAS Card and turned it into a free pass to any of our

Demonstration in the near future, hopeful that they might like what they saw and join and trying to

spread the word.

East Preston Flower Club celebrated with a number of arrangements: the local doctor's surgery, the vet and

Angmering Railway Station. 
















Ninfield Flower Group celebrated with a timely flower festival in Ninfield’s Parish and Methodist

Churches, entitled the ‘Beauty of the Earth’.  One of the arrangements was designed by Joyce

Pannell to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of NAFAS itself. Ninfield Flower Group celebrated with

a timely flower festival in Ninfield’s Parish and Methodist Churches, entitled the ‘Beauty of the

Earth’.  One of the arrangements was designed by Joyce Pannell to celebrate the 60th Anniversary

of NAFAS itself.

                                                              Seaford Evening Flower Club was again back at the local Seaford Health Centre to                  

                                                              distribute over 80 posies made up by members.  We are a great hit with staff, visitors and                                                                        patients as we are located in the Health Centre foyer in the morning of National Flower                                                                             Arranging Day and give the posies to people as they leave.  It gives us the opportunity to hand                                                                 out club leaflets and to chat to interested individuals too. As you can see, we have quite a                                                                        colourful display in baskets. This year we found a mum and daughter who were happy to have                                                                their photo taken with Hilary Norsworthy on one side and Jane Riley at the other - photo taken                                                                by Marian Burgess. 

Warnham Flower Club celebrated National Flower Arranging Day by creating a display in the

Capital Foyer, Horsham. Designed by Gaenor Circus and Jean Plaskett, the displays stayed in

the foyer for a week. Members of the public were given a rose wrapped in an Aspidistra Leaf,

a ‘Please Take me Home’ Card and an invitation to attend a meeting in Warnham. 

The displays were sponsored by John Nicholson, Auctioneers.

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